Friday, June 13, 2008

FD code hint - Lazybone maker

Yep, the code hint in FlashDevelop is THAT HELPFUL.
You type down some characters in the proper order as they are in a variable/function name,
and as you can see, you get your code hint.

In the case shown in the picture above,
to obtain the code hint for finalScaleValue,
you don't have to type in manner such as f-i-n-a-l-s...
You can simply pick some characters and type them down.
In this case, I typed down the initials of each words in the variable name.

In fact, the characters required to trigger the correct code hint need not to be in the exact order.
You can just type down the characters in random order,
and FlashDevelop still gives the correct code hint.
But still, I prefer typing characters in the correct order, since it's friendly to my brain.

Nice job, FlashDevelop.
You've once more made me even lazier.

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