Wednesday, June 11, 2008


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This sure is a hell lot of missiles :)
There's that little delay between the first missile hitting the target and sparks shooting out.
The timing is perfect when viewed locally on your hard drive.
But when viewed online, it's due to the framerate limit by the browser.


joehwang said...

it's amazing!!

Nitin said...

Really incredible. I'll have to do a lot more experimenting and learning with your API but I was wondering how would hard would it be to have the missiles track the ball if it were moving?

In other words, allowing the user to move the ball using arrow keys, how hard it would be for the missiles to follow the ball?

CJ Cat said...

It's not that hard actually. If you look inside the source .fla file you'll find that the imppementation behind all this is a "gravity center". To achieve the effect you're saying, simply move the center of gravitation along with the target, that's all. But I'll have to add more functionalities to allow the particle to react when reaching the designated target. You can still have fun moving the center of gravitation yourself for this moment :)

Nitin said...

awesome. I'll give that a try.