Tuesday, September 9, 2008

AIR Tester

Download AIR Tester

In Flash and Flex,
when you want to test your AIR applications,
you are actually testing them on ADL.

Outside of your IDEs,
if you open your .swf files,
they're opened with regular Flash Players,
which cannot execute AIR-specific commands properly.

You can choose to either run your .swf files through ADL,
or publish an AIR package then install it to test your AIR application.
I find both these two methods quite bothersome.

Thus, I decided to make this little tool, AIR Tester.
You can load your .swf through this application,
while executing AIR-specific commands without any problem.
Additionally, I've added a little screenshot function.
You can take a snapshot of your .swf movies and save them as .png files.

Or you can just use this AIR Test as a .swf "screenshot camera".
It's all up to you.
Hope you like it :)

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jingflow said...

hey, long time no chat! great job as usual!! thanks a lot!