Sunday, November 16, 2008

CJLibrary CS4

Go to the CJLibrary CS4 project homepage

I've done some tweaks to my CS3 library in order to fit it in CS4.
(mainly doing performance-related adjustments, such as using Vector instead of Array)

After realizing there sure are many classes in the library,
I've decided to upload the library to an SVN repository for maintenance convenience.
Also, my Emitter and PBJ2AS projects are now a part of the CJLibrary CS4 project,
meaning that there'll probably be no more updates and available downloads for these two projects.

And I thought I might well as share this library with everyone.
Thus, I've opened a Google Code SVN repository to store this library.
So if you're interested, please drop by and play with this library.

Hope you'll like it :)

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