Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ZSorter - Bunny Squad Cards

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What would you do if you want to create a simple 3D carousel effect like this?
Use Papervision3D you say?
I would say it's a waste of CPU resource.

For simple 3D effects such as the example above,
using more light-weighted Z-sorting engines would be a better idea.
So I wrote my own ZSorter class which does just that,
implementing the easiest Z-sorting algorithm: The Painter's Algorithm.


Anonymous said...


Is there anyway to remove the bad definition of the borders of an image that is rotated to about 90 of the screen ? What is the cause of that bad render quality.

Thanks for your examples.

CJ Cat said...

Well, that's the way Flash Player 10 works. I've got no idea to fix it. I can tolerate this kind of flaw, though.

CJ Cat said...

By the way, leaving an ID or a nickname would be appreciated. Otherwise I don't even know what to call you.

Anonymous said...

why your english speak like chinese gramma?

CJ Cat said...

Oh? What makes you think so?