Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Shivering Circles

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I've added a new Crowd class to CJLibrary CS4.
The Crowd class can manage the behavior of a group of objects according to a single behavior function.
This behavior function is defined by users.
Each object's reference is held by an Entity object.
An Entity object has another data field that holds "personal parameters" corresponding to its object.
These parameters are used to determine the individual behavior of an object through the behavior function.
You can create your custom crowd behavior by designing your own behavior functions.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you place your SWF online instead of having us download it?

CJ Cat said...

It's a direct link to files in my Google Code SVN repository.
I guess this means it can only be downloaded instead of being viewed online.

Sorry for the inconvenience,
but I would like to keep the examples and sources synchronized with the latest version of my library.
The best way to do this is to directly link to files in the SVN repository.