Saturday, May 23, 2009

ZedBox 1.0 released - 2.5D Billboard Engine

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I've been always to develop a 2.5D engine with camera. And here it is, ZedBox.
Different from the ZSprite engine in CJLibrary CS4, ZedBox actually supports 3D camera, which means no more fixed camera direction.
You can set the camera to point to whatever direction you like.
ZedBox also supports nested DisplayObject structures, giving you more control over object structures.
Moreover, ZedBox supports ZFilter, allowing you to create effects such as depth-of-field effects.

In the future, I'm going to combine Emitter with ZedBox; that is, ZedEmitter!
ZedEmitter would be capable of creating 2.5D particle effects.
I'm looking forward pretty much to it :)

Oh, and here's an example for ZedBox: Satellites.

Download SWF

Download FLA


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