Saturday, May 23, 2009

ZedBox video tutorials

Yup, video tutorials available on the second day of release.
Now how cool and fast is that?

Here are the vids.

01 - Basic Usage
02 - Nested Object Structure
03 - ZFilters

The complete playlist


Ben said...

Hey Allen,

I've stumbled across Emitter for the the first time today (via the forums) and I would like to thank you for making such a great and simple to use engine. I spent the better part of today working with it and trying various effects. I love the flash help file too.

Then when I got home and watched the rest of the Emitter videos I realised you had another project going, which led me to ZedBox, which then took up the rest of my afternoon/evening at home.

I'm fairly new to AS3 in general (done plenty of AS2 work though) but I found it very easy to use both libraries and would like to thank you for providing them to the community and also providing great tutorial material for their use.

Keep up the great work.

CJ Cat said...

Wow, thanks man. That's very, very encouraging :)

Ben said...

Well, it had to be said. There's barely any comments on any of your blog post or on any of the great tutorial videos. I'm hoping that's because people simply haven't heard of Emitter or ZedBox yet but it would be a shame if they had and simply chose not to at least take 30sec to say "thanks" or "well done".

On an unrelated note, do you have any experience of using the FLARToolkit (Augmented reality stuff) with Emitter or ZedBox?
I'm not sure about this and honestly haven't read enough about FLAR to even have the slightest idea but I can imagine very cool things would be possible if particle effects could be pushed to it to be mapped.

CJ Cat said...

I haven't tried FLARToolkit yet. And so far Emitter only works on 2D particle effects. I'm planning on an Emitter branch called ZedEmitter; as its name suggests, it's a combination of Emitter and ZedBox, which can be used to create particles in 3D space. Probably I'll try FLARToolkit with ZedEmitter when it's finished.

Ben said...

That sounds great I was thinking about how it would be possible to combine ZedBox and Emitter, but then gave up on that idea and just experimented around with box on their own a bit more.