Monday, July 6, 2009

The Ray Monster

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We interns at Medialand are required to write internship diary everyday.
And we have to create some sort of "enter our blogs to view our diary" thing, so they can post it on their official blog.

Previously, Medialand had never had ActionScript programmer interns. Their links to interns' blogs were just static images. Being their first ActionScript intern, I decided make a difference: a Flash clip.
After some discussion, we decided to use the theme "Medialand intern rangers V.S. The Ray Monster". FYI, Ray is our CEO.
The subtitle below the logo says "You think we're just here for internship?"

The design interns did the character design, and I did the animation, special effects, and interaction programming.
By the way, the white radiation background was created using my particle engine Emitter.

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Sentientv2 said...

Very nice, :) I think things like that will help you stick out among your peers (in a good way). Keep up the good work.