Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stardust Papervision3D Extension Demos

View demo

View demo

Here are two Stardust Papervision3D extendsion demos. This extension supports both billboard and DisplayObject3D particles.

The basic initializers and actions for 3D particles are complete, including Position3D, Velocity3D, Rotation3D, Omega3D, Move3D, Spin3D. Common initializers and actions also work on 3D particles, such as DeathLife, Alpha, Scale, AlphaCurve, and ScaleCurve. I'll go on finishing the other 3D initializers and actions, and working on the ZedBox extension. I'm also thinking about developing an ND3D extension.

There seems to be some memory leak issues with DisplayObject3D. Only the DisplayObject3D demo continues to eat up memory without releasing it.

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