Monday, July 20, 2009

Stardust Particle Engine Logo

I've decided to develop a whole new particle engine from scratch. It's called Stardust, and that's also the mascot bunny's name.

I've tried something different for my engine this time: designing a mascot character for it. I hope this will bring the users closer to the engine. Since there's a solid character image, people may visualize the character in mind when thinking of the engine.

So far the engine's 2D functionality is complete. Now I'm working on the XML and 3D parts. After the engine is finished and a full tutorial & docmentation are ready, I'll bring this engine into public.

The class structure of Stardust is inspired by Flint Particle System. Stardust is designed with flexibility in mind: users can easily extend Stardust to create a custom branch. I'll complete the 3D extension that supports ZedBox and Papervision3D before the initial release.


LearnGaming said...

@@ WOW cj u are doing a lot of things
, i am just now investigate ur Emitter 2.1 and now u are preparing
to bring us the new particle system.
And i also have seen ur state machine
, zedBox , how ever i am practicing the pureMVC framework and i will then
study the mentioned things. Just want
to cheer for u !!

哩兮喝郎 !! :)

CJ Cat said...

If you like Emitter 2.1's interface, you can certainly stick with it :)
Stardust's interface is more complicated. It's for users seeking more advanced and flexible particle effects. For example, creating a simple spark effects using Stardust is an overkill; I would recommend using Emitter.

LearnGaming said...

After leave ur the comment i have thought a question about the Emitter
Engine , it will keep maintaining the
Emitter version?? or Stardust will been the new protagonist ??

@@ +油 on ur Stardust work !!

i think u wake up early for that :)

CJ Cat said...

I'll keep maintaining Emitter, but not as often, since I've got another entire engine in mind. I still use Emitter quite often, simply because it has a very easy-to-use interface. As long as I'm using it, I'll definitely come up with new ideas with it, therefore adding new functionalities.

LearnGaming said...

CJ i have done my practice game with
ur Emitter , how ever i didn't demostrate the power of ur Emitter,

Please play play look , thx again
about ur work

CJ Cat said...

Cool! I'm very glad to see people using Emitter. Keep up the good work :)

LearnGaming said...

Yeah i am now planning a new game ,
but there are many features i have to study and try , add oil on ur stardust little tall bunny !!

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