Monday, July 27, 2009

Stardust Sneak Peek Examples

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View example

I've made two sneak peek examples for my currently working-in-progress particle engine, Stardust. The first one demonstrates the support for multiple particle sources as in Emitter, and the second one shows the new ScaleCurve class that essentially does what the initScale, finalScale, scaleGrowRange, and scaleDecayRange properties do in Emitter. Stardust completely encompasses all Emitter features, and supports a lot more.

Note that in both examples, there's that "Show XML" button. Click it and it'll show the complete XML representation of the system. Yes, Stardust supports generation of XML representation and parsing of existing XML data for reconstruction of a system. The XML workflow is much easier than in Emitter. I'm very happy about this.

Oh, and here's a good news: the 2D part of Stardust is now complete. Now I'll move on to the Papervision3D and ZedBox extensions.


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@@ so fast the 2D part is done,

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Amazing~thanks for your sharing!