Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Particle System XML Reconstruction Example

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I've added an XML Reconstruction example chapter after the Working with XML chapter. This chapter gives a brief example demonstrating how to reconstruct a Stardust particle system from XML data. And at the end it shows you the power of tweaking parameters of a particle system without recompilation, simply by modifying the external XML file.


Design Plus Plus said...

未來有沒有可能開發 xml 的視覺編輯器 ?
像 flex 一樣讓設計師能輕易調整參數,
可以直接利用視覺元素的編排自動產生 mxml ?

CJ Cat said...


Of course I'll develop a visual particle effect editor that generates code, just like I did for Emitter. But I think it'll take more time than developing the Stardust engine itself.