Friday, August 7, 2009

Stardust Documentation

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Finally, the first documentation of Stardust has come out. Although it's not fully documented, it's there, and you can still browse the available classes, proeprties, and methods much easier than directly staring at AS source files. Whew, there are in total 214 classes so far - the biggest project I've ever done.

I'd had some problems dealing with ASDoc. The "-doc-sources" and "-exclude-dependencies" options cannot be used together, which means I had two options: either including all related classes in the documentation (ZedBox, Papervision3D, and ND3D), or using the "-exclude-classes" option to filter out classes ONE BY ONE (there are hundreds of unwanted classes). Fortunately, later on I discovered that using compiled SWC libraries as sources, the classes in the SWCs would not be included in the final documentation by ASDoc. ZedBox and Papervision3D already had compiled SWCs provided, so I compiled the SWC file for ND3D my self using the compc.exe compiler shipping within Flex SDK.

After hours of struggle, I've finally got everything right and here's the documentation. Enjoy :)

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love-psychedelico said...

= = 鸡肠文档看不懂.如果有中文示意那就GOOD!GOOD!GOOD!