Saturday, August 8, 2009

Stardust Example Screenshot Wall

Right on! This "wall of examples" sure looks attractive, doesn't it? And I'll add more tiles to it!
Things to do: complete documentation and official tutorial website.


AMO said...


加油啊 支持你~!!!

Design Plus Plus said...

可以參考 3dmax 裡的 particle systems,
裡面有一個物件叫 PF Source,
有很多 3d 粒子系統設計可以參考的參數設定,
在 space wraps 中也有很多 deflectors 可以參考,
加油 ~ 期待看到更多令人驚艷的效果 :)

CJ Cat said...

Some Stardust functionalities were actually inspired by the particle system in 3ds max, such as the Spawn and Deflect actions.