Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stardust ND3D Extension

ND3D Official Homepage

Yesterday I mailed Lars, the author of the light-weight 3D engine, ND3D, asking him if it's okay to include an ND3D extension in Stardust, and he agreed. Hence, now I'm working on the ND3D extemsion for Stardst. As soon as I finish all of the four Stardust 3D extensions - Stardst native 3D, ZedBox, Papervision3D, and ND3D - I'll move on to create more demos and examples.

Stardust is near its completion. Cheers!

P.S. I'm also under the pressure of the upcoming PTT Flash forum workshop this month. I said I would demonstrate Stardust in the workshop (the COMPLETE Stardust of course) and I WILL do what I promised.
(PTT is the biggest BBS site in Taiwan)


Design Plus Plus said...

congratulation and go for it!

LearnGaming said...

@@ 喔喔看來研討會中有看頭了,嘿嘿
武林的!! 身體也要顧阿