Friday, September 4, 2009

Left Out Stardust Template: Random

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Oopsy. I just found out that I've left out a template for the Stardust template pack for FlashDevelop: the Random template. I've added the template and committed it to the SVN repository.

And for some info on the Stardust current development, I'm now working on a "snapshot" functionality for Stardust, which allows you to take "snapshots" of the current particle states, and then tweening particles back to this state afterwardg. You can optionally choose your restoration to work on position, velocity, rotation, angular velocity, or scale, and you can choose the easing equation at work as well.

My motivation for this functionality came out of a talk with Mark Vann from the ActionScript division at Medialand, back in the middle of August. He said he would like to create an effect using Stardust, causing shattered pieces of a bitmap to regroup. It involves no pro coding to create such effect, but he would like to have it done in Stardust; so I'm working on it now, trying to push the limit of Stardust another step further.

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