Monday, October 26, 2009

My Speech on Stardust for PTT Flash Workshop 2009

Actually this workshop was held a couple of months ago (Aug 31st to be specific).

PTT is the most popular bulletin-board system in Taiwan. This workshop was for the PTT Flash forum members and people from the Taiwan RIA industry. I gave an one-hour speech on Stardust for this workshop. And here's the vid: WATCH VIDEO.

This was a workshop in Taiwan, so I spoke in Chinese :p
I'll start recording video tutorials on Stardust in English as soon as I have time.


TO.RI.ACT said...

wow very nice to see some live demonstrations in Chinese! although the PDF manual is great! especially like the diagram (cute!) and of course the XML feature. i admire your talent and hard work!
you talked about Stardust's own built-in 3D engine being a light-weighted version of ZedBox, which can directly add the display object to the display list, and render it as vector graphics. This is really cool. Could you please elaborate further on this? Can we make PV3D act like this? : )

CJ Cat said...

PV3D? A PV3D extension is included in Stardust engine all along! You can check out some PV3D examples from the example pack.

TO.RI.ACT said...

yeah I see we can use PV3D with Stardust... : ) but what I meant was, when sometimes we only have vector graphics in a project, can we tweak PV3D to directly add the display objects to the display list, so Flash Player will render these display objects as vector graphics instead of bitmaps? I was wondering if this was possible?

CJ Cat said...

Sounds like what you need is SWFVector
This library can work with PV3D, Five3D, and Away3D.