Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stardust Tutorial And Examples by Matt Eley

Matt Eley has recently written a tutorial and some examples for Stardust!
Thanks a lot, Matt :)

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Check it out! Matt has written this very detailed tutorial on the nitty-gritty of Stardust. He covered all the things you need to know to build a Stardust particle effect from the ground up, including initializers, actions, emitters, clocks, and renderers. I think reading this tutorial might help learning Stardust even more easily than reading the Stardust Manual. It's probably because I'm not a native English speaker...oh well, this gives me a rather nice motivation to practice English harder :p

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In this example, Matt showed the magic of combining bitmap filters with Stardust, creating this fantastic glowy spaceship thruster effect.

View example

I have to admire Matt for creating this example. He's done a brilliant job on integrating Stardust with Papervision3D, using particle effects to bring 3D Flash into an even higher level!

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matteley said...

Thanks CJ, Stardust really is a great AS3 particle engine! I actually found the manual you wrote very helpful, I think it's great and explains how to use all the classes very well. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the Stardust engine :)