Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pyronova 1.0 Beta & Butterfly Example

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I lied. I cannot wait until my midterm ends to finish Pyronova :p
Now it's in 1.0 Beta, and supports XML serialization.
Also, it's currently half-documented. I'll complete the documentation ASAP.

I've created this example combining Pyronova and Stardust. I think the outcome looks pretty nice :)

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The logics behind this effect is rather simple: the butterflies are created using Stardust (well, that's another story); the HueNode shifts the hue of the butterflies, and the BlurNode blurs the butterflies to create the glowy effect.


小白 said...

That's really cool effect~

LearnGaming said...

What about ur mark of the exams??
XD , good luck!

CJ Cat said...

Don't worry about that. Everything went just fine :p