Monday, December 21, 2009

Clockmaker's Stardust Butterfly Demo

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Stardust project homepage

I'm very honored to come to know that Clockmaker, one of my favorite Japanese ActionScripters, has gotten his hands on Stardust! He's created a couple of awesome Stardust demos at Wonderfl, a Japanese ActionScript community that provides online Flex compiling service. You don't have to have the Flex compiler to test your ActionScript code: just type the code on the website and see it work the magic on the fly, literally. You can check out his demos in his Wonderfl gallery.

Clockmaker's Stardust Butterfly demo is very, very astonishing. The glow effect, the fluid butterfly motion, and the reflection...they've all left me in silent awe. Just watch the demo on his blog and you'll know that I'm not joking!

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