Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stardust + ZedBox Example: Duo Firewheel

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I've always felt like the ZedBox extension for Stardust has been left out for quite a while, so today I decided to spent some time revising the extension by improving the performance, and add a couple of new features, one of which being the ZBBillboardOriented action, which is essentially a ZedBox version of the BillboardOriented action.

This example demonstrates the use of the ZBBillboardOriented action and the use of a custom gravity fields, the VortexField3D class. It also makes use of what the native Stardust 3D engine cannot do: hierarchical object structures. The two wheels are actually rotated "disk" ZedSprite objects added to the display list of a parent ZedSprite. These two disks originally lied on the XZ plane ,Y axis being the horizontal axis on the screen.

I'm planning on using the ZBBillboardOriented action heavily on one of my personal projects. I'll bring it into public once it's finished.

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