Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Emitte 2.1 released

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Emitter is now version 2.1!!
New features include:

Complete XML support

Particle, ParticleSource, Emitter, Field, Deflector, Behavior, BehaviorTrigger classes now all implement the IEmitterXML interface, which provides a toXML() method. This method returns an XML object that completely represents an object of the aforementioned classes. This XML object can then be parsed, producing an object that is exactly the same as the original one. The main application of this feature is that you can load an external XML file representing an object; this XML file can then be loaded in to a SWF movie to be parsed in order to reconstruct an exact same object that generated this XML data. Adjusting the values in the XML file doesn't require a recompilation of the SWF file, producing more flexibility for using the Emitter engine.

Composite Behavior Trigger

Now you can compose multiple behavior trigger into a single trigger by the CompositeTrigger class, either in AND or OR mode. In AND mode, the composite trigger triggers behaviors only if all the triggers in the composite are triggered; in OR mode, the composite trigger triggers behaviors if one or more of the triggers in the composite are triggered.

Velocity Overriding

You can define a gravity field by the Field class. Now you can also define a velocity field for a Particle object by the Field class. Through setting a Particle object's velocityField property to a Field object, any single particle's velocity is determined according to its current position, depending which Field object is used as its velocity field. By extending the Field class, you can design your own velocity field and have total control over the particles' motion.