Friday, January 15, 2010

Stardust Umbrella & Depth of Field

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I just came across two Stardust demos that are pretty neat. The first one was made by Hasegawa (name spelling corrected, sorry about that :p), using a circle deflector to simulate umbrella blocking snow. The deflection looks quite nice. It's the first demo I've found to use objects other than just a boring circle to make circle deflectors look tasty. By the way, there's somehow a huge performance difference for Stardust deflectors between the Release version and Debug version of Flash Player. The Release version performs better than the Debug version. On my laptop, the performance difference for this demo is almost 50%.

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The other demo is created by paq on WonderFL. This demo uses plane deflector in combination with Papervision3D to create this bouncing-planes-with-depth-of-field effect. Note that the main class extends the ReflectionView class provided by Papervision3D, which makes the demo even more beautiful.

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