Monday, March 29, 2010

Thinking in Commands

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As I developed the Command Utility for Rusher Game Framework, I have come up with this idea of spreading the love for Command Pattern :p

I've already delivered three presentations on this topic, and written a two-part tutorial for ActiveTuts+. In the tutorial I've briefly covered the Command Pattern and showed how to build a minimalistic command framework, which is kind of a lite version of the Command Utility in Rusher. Also, you can find in this tutorial about how to further make use of this command framework to create a scene management framework, which is also a lite version of one of Rusher's features, the State Machine.

The concept of commands would really simplify things out when working on huge projects. If you've got problems dealing with large applications, such as messing up with complicated code that is hard to maintain, just go check out the tutorial. It's gonna help you a lot. I promise :)

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drus said...

Usefull links, thank you!