Friday, October 22, 2010

MicroPlanet Game Concepts

Currently I'm training in the School of Political Warfare, since I've passed the test for political officers. After two more months of training, I'll be working in the army as a political officer, hopefully having a much better and easier life than other ordinary soldiers.

In case you don't follow me on Twitter, I'm accepted into DigiPen's Bachelor of Science in Game Design program. This means I'm going to learn some real hard-core game development skills from the professionals after I get out of the army. I think I shouldn't waste my time on the boring and hollow training classes in the School of Political Warfare, so I've been constantly sketching game concepts in classes.

Recently, I've come up with this game concept, called MicroPlanet. The story takes place on a galaxy of microscopic planets, where there are bunny-like fungus creatures trying to expand their territory and fighting against opposing tribes.

Here's the first concept art I've drawn.
(Click on the image for larger view)

Basically, it's a 2D real-time strategy game. The player can only control the creatures, making them gather resources and building stuff, in order to expand the colony and destroy opposing tribes. The creatures cannot directly attack those from the opposing tribes, and vice versa. They can only build weapons, such as tanks and missile silos, to destroy enemy structures. Each tribe has a main building that produces new fungus creatures. When this building is destroyed, the game is over.

Below are some concept arts for the main menu screen. The smaller two on the bottom are two different designs for the main menu options.

Here are some quick sketches for various units, resources, and buildings.

And below are some more sketches. So far I've come up with three different types of resources: thermo energy, water, and metal. Thermo energy core are like miniature suns floating in the air; the Thermo Absorber is a ring-like structure that absorbers the thermo energy radiating from the core. On micro planets, water appears as floating blobs; the Water Station gathers water resource from below using an erect pipe.

There are two types of planets: solid planets and gas planets. There are some planet-specific buildings and resources, which I'm still working on.

On the top left you can see a quick concept sketch of the in-game screen, where a minimap is present and the character is selected.

That's it for MicroPlanet concept so far. I'll go as far as I can when I'm in the army, and I'll try get directly down to some coding when I'm home. Or at least I could do some CG concept arts.


HalfLucifer said...


Hope you'll get the most out of DigiPen (and from military service, if possible ;)

danong said...

Nice work and concept, cant wait to play =)

but one thing, please protect your idea before you published them,
otherwise people would commercialize it and take licensing issue.