Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Weird Dream - Thriller Game Story Concept

I was taking a siesta in my girlfriend's house, and I had this very weird dream. The story of the dream was bizarre yet inspirational. It might serve as a game or movie concept. I thought I should type it down before I forget it.

So here goes my dream.


My girlfriend and I were some sort of secret agents sent by the government to investigate a mafia overload. We managed to get invited to his party held at his mansion, as undercover guests of course. His mansion was located in a small remote village in deep mountains, so it took us hours to drive there.

It was a very dark night. The mansion was extraordinary, like the ones you see in most movies. Most of the guests consisted of mafia members, and so began our investigation throughout the mansion.

Somehow I was noticed by a guard. He gave me a full tap-down and found my concealed gun, so our secret operation was blown. My girlfriend and I were held and watched by guards in a small room, with their boss standing aside planning how to torture and interrogate us. Both of us could simply thought about our hopeless future.

Suddenly, that was when something really wrong went on.

Without any warning, the entire village experienced a complete black-out. We could hear the screaming form the guests from everywhere in the mansion. We could even hear the shrieking voices from the entire village in the mountains, as if they were chased and attacked by some unidentified beings.

Then the lights came back.

The mansion was a mess. Shattered glasses, plates, and furnitures were scattered everywhere. Most of the guests were gone, and the rest were just too terrified to even say a word, with their mind completely left blank, not knowing what exactly to do next. People who managed to get to the garage and tried to drive away from the mansion, from the village, all mysteriously ended up either crashing into obstacles or falling into cliffs, with no survivors.

The mafia boss, my girlfriend and I, and the guards watching us, were the only people left who had remained conscious and were all thinking what to do next. Then we heard the sound.

Like thousands of high-pitched squeaking mice all coming at once, we can feel a swarm of unknown beings approaching extremely fast from outside of the mansion window.

"Quick! Shut the windows!" I yelled.

Two of the guards rushed to the open window and slammed it closed. But they were not fast enough. Some of the creatures leaked into the room. They were huge bats, or at least I thought they were. Those black-winged creatures soared in the room, attacking all the people inside, trying to bite us with their fangs and mauling us with claws.

I told the boss and the guards that this was not the time for making enemies. They should free us immediately so that we could work out a way to survive. And so my girlfriend and I were untied. Each of us picked up what we could find as a weapon in the room.

After a lot of yelling and wielding, all of us managed to kill every single flying creature in the room, shivering and panting.

"So, I think we DO need to cooperate in order to live." said the mafia boss.

It seemed that the the entire village had been wiped out, and we were the only survivors, for we could hear not a single voice from the village outside of the mansion.

"Yeah, I think so." I said.

And so began our escape from the mansion.


This is where my dream ended.

I can still remember us fighting our way through some unearthly and carnivorous creatures in my dream. It was as if those creatures were kind of manifestation of the fear and nightmare of each of us.

This can be some inspiration to a thriller adventure game. I hope more idea could come along.