Friday, January 7, 2011

Stardust 1.3 Released!

Stardust project homepage

Finally! Stardust version 1.3 is released!

I've updated all the examples, so they all work perfectly with the new particle handlers.

I'm currently working on the integration of Stardust and Minko, a new 3D engine that will support the Molehill APIs. Paq is working on the integration with Alternativa3D and Away3D, whilch will also support the Molehill APIs. I'm really looking forward to Stardust being used in Molehill-powered applications (especially games, of course), enriching the visual experience with 3D particles!.


Amo said...


Quakeboy said...

Damn you Stardust! Just about when I was going to release my game, I found you..

Its very addictive and tempting to play and include in my game..

Wei-Cheng said...

Good Job!

吸膠の男孩 said...

really Great!!!
by the way, I am CJ too &:)